A census of Jews population in Sombor (1821)

Identifier D_0136:1744/1821
Title A census of Jews population in Sombor (1821)
Subject Jews, Jewish population, Census, Income, Magistrate of the Free Royal City of Sombor, 1821
Description The census of Jewsih population in Sombor in 1821
Creator Magistrate of the Free Royal City of Sombor
Publisher Historical archive Sombor
Contributor Magistrate of the Free Royal City of Sombor
Date May 10th, 1821
Type Text; Census with cover letter
Language German, Latin
Coverage Buda, Kingdom of Hungary; Free Royal City of Sombor, 1821
Rights This material has been digitized to expand access while protecting the materials from degradation through physical handling. Access to the digitized material will be granted to all interested parties. The physical copy of the document is available at the Historical Archive Sombor. In the case of citation or use, please state the origin of the material (Istorijski arhiv Sombor / Historical Archives Sombor).

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Prvi spisak je ispisan nemačkim kurentom (goticom)

Serenissimi et c.

Noviori Conscriptione populationis status et proventuum Judaorum gremialium per in sensu ad exigentiam P.B. Gratiosorum Ordinum dedato 30a Januarii a.c. no 2930 et 10a Aprilis a.c. no 9381 Buda emanatorum presuscepta effective in quantum e fassionibus eorum penes oblationem solemnis juramenti status proventuum errui potuit, terminata Tabellam superinde confectam, et hicce advolutam humillime submittimus et altis gratiis devoti Jugi cum venerationis cultu perseveramus. Datum e Sessione nostra magistrali die 10a Mais 1821. Zomborini celebrato.

Civicus Magistratus Zomboriensi Conscriptionem noviorem status Judaorum humillime submittit.

Naredna dokumenta su na nemačkom
Bright and others!

According to the merciful decree of January 30th of the current year under number 2930 and the one of April 10th of the current year under number 9381, which were issued in Buda, we report that we have conducted the latest census of the Jewish population, their status and income. Revenues were recorded to the extent possible, and on the basis of the statements they gave under oath and on the basis of everything, a table was made, which we humbly enclose here with due respect and at your service. Issued at the session of the Magistrate in Sombor, on May 10th, 1821.

The City Magistrate submits the latest census and status of Jews