A request by Salamon Veisz to the Magistrate of the Free Royal City of Sombor regarding admission to lodging

Identifier D_0135:1044/1813
Title A request by Salamon Veisz to the Magistrate of the Free Royal City of Sombor regarding admission to lodging
Subject Salamon Veisz, Request, The Magistrate of the Free Royal City of Sombor, Lodging, Jewish inn
Description Member of the Jewish community salamon Veisz asking for approval of admission to lodging and food of the foreign Jews beside despite an existing order on the same issue.
Creator Salamon Veisz
Publisher Historical archive Sombor
Contributor Salamon Veisz, The Magistrate of the Free Royal City of Sombor
Date 1813
Type Text; Request
Language German
Coverage Free Royal City of Sombor, 1813
Rights This material has been digitized to expand access while protecting the materials from degradation through physical handling. Access to the digitized material will be granted to all interested parties. The physical copy of the document is available at the Historical Archive Sombor. In the case of citation or use, please state the origin of the material (Istorijski arhiv Sombor / Historical Archives Sombor).

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Amplissime Magistratus Domini Singulariter Colendissimi!

Siquidem occasione recentissime exarendati Tracterii Judaici conditis illa contractualis quod nemini Judeorum gremialium peregrinos Judeos victu et hospitio providere atque excipere recitum sit declarata minus fuerit ego ex inscitia Conditionis hujus dum his diebus partim mihi sanqvine junctos partim vero amicos apud me condescensionem capientes gratuito victu providissem per novum arendatorem Davidem Holender iterate ea propter Amplissimo Magistratui delatus variisque modis, Judeum hunc vexalus exstitit, ut igitur me ab hac molestia expedire valeam et ad prosperandum Cassa Civica majus emolumentum hisce amplissimo Magistratui in omni humillitate declaro quod ego predicta conditione stante pro beneficio hocce non Centum sexaginta unum verum ducentos quinquaginta aut prorenata etiam plus hisce offeram et ad vires respective arendalis summa Fidejusorem statuere velim; Amplissimo proin Magistratu demisse supplico quatenus oblationem hanc meam Cassa Civica emolumento sic exigente acceptare aut vero sensu gratiosorum Cameralium eatenus Emanatorum Ordinum Contractu ceteroquin hucdum minus subsignato existente imo actuali arendatore ab eodem in figura Juditii recendenti beneficium hocce nova licitationi qualiter exponere dignaretur. In reliquo gratiis devotus omni cum venerationis cultu persevero. Sigilatum Zombor die 1813.

Amplissimi Magistratui
Humillimus servus
Salamon Veisz
Judeus gremialis

Ad Amplissimum Magistratum Libere Regieque Civitatis Zomboriensis Dominos Singulariter Colendissimos

Humillima instantia
Salamonis Veisz Judei gremialis ut intus
Exalted Magistrate, esteemed gentlemen!

Since the lease agreement for the Jewish inn recently stipulates that none of the members of the Jewish community is allowed to receive foreign Jews, and to host and receive them in a dormitory, I, not knowing the agreement, and received in these days several of my blood relatives and friends for this provision, and provided them with food and lodging free of charge, and therefore I was reported to the exalted Magistrate on several occasions by David Hollander, the new tenant of the inn. Therefore, I ask the exalted Magistrate not to bother me with the mentioned Jew and not to suffer the inconvenience, and to accept my offer to rent an inn for the benefit of the entire city community, which will not amount to 161 but 250 or even more, which I am ready under swear to confirm. I, therefore, ask the exalted Magistrate to accept my offer, which will significantly increase the income of the City Treasury, or in accordance with the existing provisions and the contract issued by the Chamber, to organize a new auction at which the privilege will be taken away from the current tenant. Always at your service and with great respect, certified in Sombor on ___ 1813.

Humble servant
Of the Exalted Magistrate
Salamon Veisz
Member of the Jewish community

To the Exalted Magistrate of the Free Royal City of Sombor, esteemed gentleman
A humble request
Salamon Veisz, a member of the Jewish community, with the contents set out above