A request by Jacob Stein (Jacobus Stein) to open a store

Identifier D_0126:96/1811
Title A request by Jacob Stein (Jacobus Stein) to open a store
Subject Jacob Stein (Jacobus Stein), Magistrate of the Free Royal City of Sombor, Franz Stein (Franciscus Stein), Lazar Stain (Lazarus Stein), Leopold Stein (Leopoldus Stein), Store, Philip Hajduska (Philippus Hajduska)
Description A request by Jacob Stein (Jacobus Stein) to open a store in the city because his father and brothers had such right, and also his wife's previous late husband was also a store owner.
Creator Jacob Stein (Jacobus Stein)
Publisher Historical archive Sombor
Contributor Jacob Stein (Jacobus Stein), Magistrate of the Free Royal City of Sombor
Date February 5, 1811
Type Text; Request
Language Latin
Coverage Free Royal City of Sombor, February 1811
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Amplissime Magistratus Domini mihi singulariter colendissimi!

Perbene notum erit Amplissimo Magistratui patrem meum Franciscum Stein inde a viginti duobus jam annis tam a mercancili suo scissilium mercium fornice, quam habitationali, quam Jure perennali possidet, Domo notabile quantum contributionale quotannis accurate dependendo Peculio huic ea Regio utilem super et fuisse, et actu esse, fratris quoque meos Lazarum et Leopoldum ambos eque Stein, quorum priori materialisticum, posterior vero scissilium mercium fornicem hic loci habent, non minus utilitatis Civitati huic perinsinuato titulo a compluribus jam annis adferri; me vero Philippi olim Hajduska, qui aeque mercantilem scissilium mercium fornicem in gremio Civitatis hujus per complures annos habuerat, et domum habitationalem jure perennali possederat, relictum viduam recenter duxisse, et sui tam per patratapatris mei non minus, ac fratrum meorum, quam etiam uxoris mea prioris mariti Philippi olim Hajduska merita jus quasi quasitum mercantilem fornicem in civitate hac errigendi consecutum esse; quorum motivorum ducetu Amplissimum Magistratum demissis exorare precibus presummo, quatenus mihi in gremio Civitatis hujus fornicem mercantilem erigendi et in hoc merces vulgo Scheidt:Waar dictas distrahendi facultatem eo a fortiori gratiose concedere dignaretur; siqudem et ego ipse spatio viginti jam fere annorum cum lana quastum exercendo Civitati huic me utilem exhibuerim, ad notorietatum vero publicam pacificam semper gesserim vitam, bonosque mores persetulerim, in super vero per adaugendum in Civitati hacce mercatorum numerum experto per mercatores practicari solito excessiva lucra descimendi cupidini obices limitesque ponendi sint, Bonumque publicum taliter promovendum veniat: gratiosis in reliquo favoribus commendatus debito cum venerationis cultu persevero. Zomborini Die 5i February 1811.

Amplissimi Magistratus
Humillimus cliens
Jacobus Stein Judaus gremialis

Ad Amplissimum Magistratum Libere Regieque Civitatis Zomboriensis Dominos singulariter colendissimos.

Jacobus Stein Judaus gremialis fornicem mercantilem in gremio Civitatis hujus erigendi facultatem sibi ductu motivorum intus denotatorum gratiose concedi humillime suplicat.
Exalted Magistrate, esteemed gentlemen!

It is well known to the supreme Magistrate that my father, Franz Stein (Franciscus Stein), has had a bulk store for 22 years, and he has a perpetual right and permission to have a home in this city. It is also well known that his home paid taxes to this kingdom every year and that it was always useful to it, and this is no less true for my brothers Lazar (Lazarus) and Leopold (Lleopoldus) Stein, who have one shop in this place with the ordinary goods, and another with bulk store - and they have only benefited this city community for many years. I recently married the widow of the late Philip Hajduska (Philippus Hajduska), who also had the right to own a home in this city as well as trade, and therefore it follows that I inherited the right of my father, my brothers, and also the right of the late husband of my current wife, Philip Hajduska, I have the legal right to open a store in this city. Guided by these motives, I earnestly beg the exalted Magistrate to allow me to open a shop in this city community and sell goods in it, which are popularly called wrought goods, and it is generally known to the public that I have always led a quiet life and governed myself in accordance with good customs. Therefore, I believe that since the number of traders in the city increases only in the case of those who have tried their hand at this business, that such a procedure will only be of material benefit to the city community and in accordance with laws restricting trade exclusively to real traders. With due respect and appreciation, in Sombor, on February 5, 1811.

Humble servant
Of the exalted Magistrate
Jacob Stein (Jacobus Stein), a member of the Jewish community

To the exalted Magistrate of the Free Royal City of Sombor, esteemed gentleman
A member of the Jewish community, Jacob Stein, humbly begs to be allowed to open a store within the city community for the reasons stated in the document.