A request by Israel Hertzeg (Iszrael Hertzeg) for settlement in Sombor

Identifier D_0096:213/1821
Title A request by Israel Hertzeg (Iszrael Hertzeg) for settlement in Sombor
Subject Israel Hertzeg (Iszrael Hertzeg), Magistrate of the Free Royal City of Sombor, Sttlement, Permission
Description Israel Hertzeg (Iszrael Hertzeg) asks for apermission to buy a house and open a shop in Sombor
Creator Israel Hertzeg (Iszrael Hertzeg)
Publisher Historical archive Sombor
Contributor Magistrate of the Free Royal City of Sombor
Date March 28th, 1821
Type Text; Request
Language Latin
Coverage Free Royal City of Sombor, March 1821
Rights This material has been digitized to expand access while protecting the materials from degradation through physical handling. Access to the digitized material will be granted to all interested parties. The physical copy of the document is available at the Historical Archive Sombor. In the case of citation or use, please state the origin of the material (Istorijski arhiv Sombor / Historical Archives Sombor).

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Amplissime Magistratus!

Ante quadraginta fere adhoc annos pater meus ingremitationem consequendo facultatem domum in gremio Civitatis sibi comparandi et fornicem exigendi obtinuit; ac revera in domo ubi actu D. Consulis Basilii Athanatzkovits constituit …. fornicem mercantilem erexit, et mercaturam longa annorum serie continuavit ego juribus patris mei insistens, cum prolibus copiosioribus provisus essem et easdem intertenere debeam ad Amplissimum Magistratum supplex confugio humillime exorando quatenus mihi facultatem domum extravalatum in gremio Civitatis hujus comparandi et fornicem errgendi gratiose concedere dignaretur et quidem potissimum ideo quod vi legis in statu quo relicti ad mentem interjustatoriorum ex consilii ordinum jus patris in me quo ipsius felicium derivatum sit, quod item fratri meo Laurentio facultas concessa sit domum emendi adeoque quo ad jure minime disparsim quod tandem cesasante fornice mercantili Jacobo Steiniano actualis status fornicum non augeatur sed in suo esse permaneat. Quorum ductu dum iterum iterumque previo in merito supplicarem omni cum venerationis cultu persevero. Amplissimi Magistratus humillimus servus Iszrael Hertzeg Judaus quastor gremialis.

Ad Amplissimum Libere Regieque Civitatis Zomboriensis Magistratum
Iszrael Hertzeg Judaus questor gremialis facultatem hic loci domum emendi et fornicem mercantilem errigendi sibi concedi supplicat.
Exalted Magistrate!

Almost 40 years ago, my father received permission to settle in this city community and open a trade shop. Indeed, in the home where he received approval by the decree of Mr. Consul Vasilije Atanacković, he built a shop and engaged in trade for many years. I, on the other hand, relying on the laws that are due of my father and since I have many children to support, I humbly ask the exalted Magistrate to allow me to settle in this city community and build my own shop. Those who decide in this should keep in mind that it follows me by force of law not only because of the same right that my father enjoyed, but because my brother Lorentz (Laurentius) is also allowed to buy a house here. That in no way contradicts the laws, since due to the closure of the store of Jacob Stein (Jacob Stein), the number of stores does not increase in any way, but remains as it is. Guided by these reasons, I submit a request to be met with due respect. A humble servant of the exalted Magistrate, Israel Hertzeg (Iszrael Hertzeg), a Jew and a salesman.

To the exalted Magistrate of the Free Royal City of Sombor
Israel Hertzeg, a Jew and city salesman, is asking for permission to buy a house and open a shop in this city.