A notification regarding the lease of Jewish inn

Identifier D_0093:68/1822
Title A notification regarding the lease of Jewish inn
Subject Lazar Stein (Lazarus Stein), Salamon Weiss (Salamon Veisz), Lazar Rosenzweig (Lazarus Rozenzveig), Magistrate of the Free Royal City of Sombor, Jewish inn, Lease
Description A notification regarding the lease of Jewish inn, urging to solve the legal and monetary conundrum about the actual holder of the lease.
Creator Gaspar (Gasparus), chamberlain of the city of Sombor
Publisher Historical archive Sombor
Contributor Gaspar (Gasparus), Magistrate of the Free Royal City of Sombor
Date January 24, 1822
Type Text; Notification
Language Latin
Coverage Free Royal City of Sombor, January 1822
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Infrascriptus Amplissimo Magistratui humillime et officiose insinuo, quod Lazarum Stein Judaus gremialis, qua Judaici Tracterii pro annis 1820 et 1821 arendator duorum annorum arendam cum 208 florinis ideo, quod tota Communitatis Judaica gremialis preprimis Salamon Veisz citra omnem arenda solutionem in Jus hoc involaverit, Cassa Civitatis Cameratica dependere nolit, sed nec acutalis Judaici Tracterii penes Contractum Cameraliter ratihabitum arendator Lazarum Rozenzveig ea propter, quod ex beneficio isthoc excussus sit, neque illud usuaret, Salamon vero Veisz in usu beneficii hujus pro nunc constitutus, quod arendator cameraliter ratihabitus non esset, Cassa Civitatis Cameratica nullam arendam solvere velint, ne igitur Cassa Civitatis Cameratica taliter damnificetur A. Magistratum humillime oro, quatenus in perplexis his circumstanitiis ratiscinantem super es, quisnam beneficii hujus arendator sit? Et a quo arendam a beneficis hocce obvenientem petere debeat, edocere quo ocyus non gravaretur. Debito cum venerationis cultu perseverando. Sigilatum Zombor die 24a Januarii 1822.

Humilimus servus
Gasparus Zomborii Civitatis Camerarius

Ad Amplissimum Libere Regieque Civitatis Zomboriensis Magistratum, Dominos singulariter colendissimos
Humillima ac officiosa insinualis
Gaspari Zomborii prefate Civitatis Camerarii in merito Judaici tracterii
I, the undersigned, zealously and humbly remind the supreme Magistrate that Lazar Stein (Lazarus Stein), a member of the Jewish community and tenant of the Jewish inn for the period 1820-1821, did not pay the sum of 208 florins to the city treasury. The Jewish community, along with Salamon Weiss (Salamon Veisz), has a legal obligation to pay the mentioned sum to the city. The same goes for the Jew Lazar Rosenzweig (Lazarus Rozenzveig), who was supposed to be a tenant under the contract, but is exempted from this privilege and does not use it. The same goes for Solomon Weiss, who is the current holder of the privilege, but the decision has not yet been ratified by the Chamber. None of them will pay the rent to the city treasury, so I ask the exalted Magistrate, in order to avoid the city treasury from suffering so much damage, to solve the dilemma in these complicated circumstances, who is actually the holder of this privilege and the tenant and who should be asked for money from lease for the said privilege, so that the treasury would not suffer additional damage. With due respect, certified in Sombor, on January 24, 1822.

Humble servant
Gaspar (Gasparus), chamberlain of the city of Sombor

To the Exalted Magistrate of the Free Royal City of Sombor, esteemed gentleman
A humble and zealous remark
Gaspar, chamberlain of the mentioned city of Sombor on the topic of the Jewish inn