A humble request by Jacob Stein to the Magistrate of the Free Royal City of Sombor

Identifier D_0089:1042/1811
Title A humble request by Jacob Stein to the Magistrate of the Free Royal City of Sombor
Subject Jacob Stein, Francis Stein, Philippi Hajduska, The Magistrate of the Free Royal City of Sombor, Request, Settlement, Buying House
Description By explaining how many members of his family laready got permission for settlement in Sombor, and due to his recent marriage, Jew Jacob Stein request same right, and buying property too.
Creator Jacob Stein
Publisher Historical archive Sombor
Contributor Jacob Stein, The Magistrate of the Free Royal City of Sombor
Date December 15th, 1811
Type Text; Request
Language Latin
Coverage Free Royal City of Sombor, December 1811
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Amplissime Magistratus, Domini mihi Singulariter Colendissimi!

Quod pater meus Franciscus Stein inde a viginti et ultra jam annis tam a mercantili suo scissilium mercium fornice, quam habitationali, quam Jure perennali possidet, Domo notabile quantum Contributionale quotannis accurate pendendo Peculio huicce Regio utilem semet sepmper exhibuerit, actunc exhibeat, Fratres porro mei Lazarus et Leopoldus ambo Stein, quorum prior Domum quoque propriam in Civitate sint, Jure perennali possidet, mercantiles hic loci fornices habendo non minus utilitatis Civitati huic preinsinuato titulo a compluribus jam annis adferant: Ego vero ipse mercantilem fornicem in gremio Civitatis hujus habendo Peculio huicce Regio aeque utilis semper fuerim, et de presenti sim, ad notorietatemque publicam exemplarem semper duxerim vitam bonosque mores presetulerim, Philippi demum Hajduska, qui aeque in gremio Civitatis hujus fornicem mercantilem habuerat et domum habitationalem Jure perennali possiderat, relictam viduam duxerim, hoc Amplissimo Magistratui ceteroquin nota sunt: hic proinde paternis fraternisque non minus ac propriis meis meritis excitatus Amplissimum Magistratum demisse exorare presumo, quatenus mihi in gremio Civitatis hujus habitationalem domum Jure perennali emendi facultatem gratiose impertiri et Fassionis Celebrationem eo a fortiori admittere dignaretur: siqudem prementionato patre meo Francisco Stein domum in Civitate hac habitationalem Jure perennali possidente, ego quoque qua filius, et sic iidem, quibus Pater meus utitur, Juribus gaudere valens Jus quasi quesitum Domum in gremio Civitatis hujus Jure perennali possidendi consentus sim gratiis in reliquo dicatus, Jugi cum venerationis Cultu persisto. Zomborini die 15a Xbris 1811.

Amplissimi Magistratus
Humillimus Cliens
Jacobus Stein
Judaus et quastor gremialis

Ad Amplissimum Magistratum Libere Regieque Civitatis Zomboriensis, Dominos Singulariter Colendissimos
Jacobus Stein Judaus et questor gremialis Domum in Civitate hac habitionalem Jure perennali emendi et eandem taliter possidendi facultatem ductu intus denotatorum motivorum sibi deservi supplicat.
Exalted Magistrate, esteemed gentlemen!

My father, Francis Stein, has had a bulk store here for more than 20 years, and by eternal law a home in this city, and it is generally known what benefits and contributions it has always been to our kingdom, as it is now. My brothers Lazar and Leopold Stein, the first of whom also has his own home in this city, both have shops and have been of no less benefit to the city community for years. I also have a shop in this city and I have always been useful to the kingdom, as I am now, and I have also behaved nicely and exemplary, leading a always peaceful life. I recently married the widow of the late Philipp Hajduška, who also by law had the right to live and trade in his own shop. It follows that it is quite founded that I, by the inheritance right of my father and brothers, and also because of my own merits, earnestly ask the exalted Magistrate to allow me to buy a house for myself in this city community. Since my already mentioned father, Francis Stein, has the right of permanent residence in this city, it is natural for me to enjoy the same privilege in accordance with the law, and I hope that this request will be generously granted. With due respect and appreciation, in Sombor, on December 15, 1811.

Humble servant
The Supreme Magistrate
Jacob Stein
A Jew and a city salesman

To the Exalted Magistrate of the Free Royal City of Sombor, esteemed gentleman
Jacob Stein, a Jew and a city salesman, begs that, for the reasons stated in the document, be allowed to him the right to reside permanently in the city community and to buy a house.