A report about the Jacob Hirschl who bought the silverwafe from the theft in Subotica

Identifier D_0083:624/1824
Title A report about the Jacob Hirschl who bought the silverwafe from the theft in Subotica
Subject Jacob Hirschl (Jakov Hirschl), Andrea Nemtutzak (Andeja Nemtučak), The Government of the Free Royal City of Sombor, Jewish Community, rabbi, Subotica, Novi Sad, Sombor, theft, silverware
Description A report about the Jacobi Hirschl who bought the silverware from the theft in Subotica. Hirschl is son of the rabbi in Zemun and thief Andrea Nemtutzak stole it from the church in Sombor.
Creator Magistrate in Sombor
Publisher Historical archive Sombor
Contributor Jacobi Hirschl (Jakov Hirschl), Andrea Nemtutzak (Andeja Nemtučak)
Date June 22nd 1824
Type Text; report
Language Latin
Coverage Subotica, June 1824
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15478 Per Civicum Magistratum Neoplantensem isthuc submissa personalis Descriptio Judaei Jacobi Hirschl, certam argenti quantitatem ex Ecclesia Zomboriensi furto sublatam, a fure Andrea Nemtutzak in Nundinis M. Theresiopolitanis ementis, postmodum vero profugi; Civico huic Magistratui fine instituendae in sui gremio more solito currentationis hisce in advoluto trensponitur. De dato 22dae Junii 1824.

Descriptio personalis
Judaei gremialis Emptioni furto sublatae ex Ecclesia Zomboriensi argentae Lampadis involuti: Et qudem:

15478 Juda, vulgo Jacobus Hischl, Rabini Zemlinensis filius annorum circiter 40. Uxoratus, Pater 4 prolium, pro nunc inquilinus Neoplantensis procerae Staturae, Oculorum et supreciliorum ac prominentis mediocriter nigrrae Barbae, gestat Vestem mediocriter longam vulgo Millionär-Jankl, coloris nigro caerulei, Petasum rotundum altum; secus nulla signa peculiaria habet.

Prekucani su samo ekscerpti u kojima se pominju Jevreji. Ekscerpt pod brojem 15768 je na madjarskom.
15478 The City Magistrate of Novi Sad submits here the personal description of the Jew Jacob Hirschl (Jakov Hirschl), who secretly bought a certain amount of silver previously stolen by the thief Andrea Nemtutzak (Andeja Nemtučak) from the church in Sombor. The thief then sold the mentioned silver to the Jew in question at a fair in Subotica. The city magistrate of this city is ordered to deal with this case, since the Jew in question is a member of their community. Issued June 22, 1824.

Personal description of a member of the Jewish community who bought a candlestick stolen from a church in Sombor. The description follows:

15478 A Jew, popularly known as Jacobi Hirschl, son of a Zemun rabbi, about 40 years old. Married, father of four, currently resides in Novi Sad, tall, with pronounced eyes and black eyebrows, as well as a slightly longer black beard, wears medium-length clothes popularly called Milionär Jankl, black-blue, has a shallow wide-brimmed hat; there is no other unusual feature.

Only excerpts mentioning Jews have been translated. The excerpt under number 15768 is in Hungarian