A request by to the City Government of Sombor for collecting tax

Identifier D_0079:301/1829
Title A request by to the City Government of Sombor for collecting tax
Subject Ignatius Fischer (Ignjat Fischer), The Government of the Free Royal City of Sombor, Jewish Community, Jewish Inn
Description Ignatius Fischer (Ignjat Fischer) plee to the The City Magistrate to be allowed not to pay the tax he is paying for running Jewish Inn as there are not many Jews that can afford the serivse of his place. And he is not allowed to accept non Jewish guests, so his income is almost none.
Creator Ignatius Fischer (Ignjat Fischer)
Publisher Historical archive Sombor
Contributor Ignatius Fischer (Ignjat Fischer)
Date March 26th 1829
Type Text; request
Language Latin
Coverage Free Royal City of Sombor, March 1829
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Amplissime Magistratus, domini singulariter colendissimi!

Tempore eo, dum gremialis Judaici educilli tracteur nuncupati jus ad tres continuos annos erga annue Cassa Cameratica pendendos 98 con. Moneta f. exercendam et dum Judais ostiatim hic loci questum exercere licuit contractualem arendam rite solvere ac me meosque providendo subsistere potui, ast a februario a.c. postquam erga gremialium mercatorum contubernii instantiam omnis cunctis a singulis Judais ostiatim in hac civitati quastus Magistratualiter interdictus fuisset ac prememorata exarendata negociatio mea: quoniam Christiani homines Judaicum tracteur non frequentant ac gremialis perquam pauca insuperqua misera rebus suis domi provisa impopulatio judaicao tale tracteur frequenter non solet et integro cessaverit atque totalitercessare debuerit, cessante huiusmodi Judai educilli beneficio nec subsistere neque mihi provisionem procurare eo minus stipulatam arendam ferre sufficio. Et cum per ulteriorem pro prescito educillo arendam ego alioquin nullo possessorio provisus ac misera subole gravatus totalem mei ruinam experiri debeam. Fiscus vero civicus pro suo preattacto beneficio quale in mea culpa; verum e prementionatis circumstantiis harumque rationibus cessavit, de nulla lege aut aliqua politica vel economica ratione, cum nemo cum tertii prejudicio ac damno locupletari permitatur – aliquam pro futuro arendam a me exigendi jus habeat, et habere valeat. Proinde Amplissimo Magistratui humillime suplicare sustineo me a pronuncupati educilli pro futura arenda relevandum comite sua favorabili opinione Excelse Camere Regie Hungarico-Aulica gratiose propositum gratiosis devotus profundo venerationis jugi cum cultu perenno. Zomborini 26a martii 1829.

Amplissimi Magistratus
Humillimus ac servorum infimus servus
Ignatius Fischer Judaus
Sine rationis hic loci tracteur arendator

Ad Amplissimum Magistratum Libere ac Regie Civitatis Zombor, Dominos singulariter Colendissimos.

Ignatius Fischer Judaus huiatis Judaici tracteur arendator, se ab ulteriori fati civici tracteur beneficii arenda e rationibus intus humillime adductus relevandum Excelse Camere Regie Hungarico-Aulice gratiose proponi humillime instat.
Exalted Magistrate, respected gentlemen!

When the time came to pay the city treasury 98 florins of conventional currency, and to extend the lease agreement for the Jewish inn for the next three years, and when the lease agreement had to be signed, so that I could support myself and my family, since the issue of renting a Jewish inn was publicly declared before the guild of city merchants in February this year, I have to state the following: since Christians do not visit the Jewish inn, and Jews have completely stopped visiting it due to their poverty , in practice, this means that the privilege of a Jewish inn no longer brings me any income, so there is no point in continuing to pay the rent. Further payment of the rent would mean a complete financial ruin for me, who, apart from the mentioned privilege, had no property, and I am burdened with supporting my family. Therefore, the city treasury regarding the said privilege, regardless of the fact that it happened on my responsibility, but for the mentioned reasons and circumstances, should have no legal, political or economic reason to impose rent payments on me in the future, especially since it is not allowed to any third party in this case compensates for the loss and damage. Therefore, I humbly ask the Supreme Magistrate to release me from the obligation to pay rent in the future with his generous decision, and on the basis of the positive opinion of the Supreme Royal Court Chamber of Hungary. With due respect and service, in Sombor, March 26, 1829.

The humblest servant of all servants
Of the Exalted Magistrate
Ignatius Fischer (Ignjat Fischer), a Jew The tenant of the inn with no further basis to keep it

To the Exalted Magistrate of the free royal city of Sombor,
esteemed gentleman Ignatius Fischer, a Jew, a tenant of a Jewish inn, for the above reasons begs the Exalted Royal Court Chamber of Hungary to relieve him of further obligations to pay rent for a Jewish inn