A excuse letter by fiscal Joannes Ambrozovits from Magistrate of the Free City of Sombor regarding election of Jewish judge

Identifier D_0078:646/1823
Title A excuse letter by fiscal Joannes Ambrozovits from Magistrate of the Free City of Sombor regarding election of Jewish judge
Subject Joannes Ambrozovits, Fiscal Office, The Magistrate of the Free Royal City of Sombor, Excuse letter, Opinion, Jewish judge, Election
Description On the behalf of the Fiscal Office of the Magistrate of the Free Royal City of Sombor, Joannes Ambrozovits explaining reasons he is unable to express a full opinion regarding the election of Jewish judge.
Creator Joannes Ambrozovits
Publisher Historical archive Sombor
Contributor Joannes Ambrozovits, The Magistrate of the Free Royal City of Sombor
Date October 8th, 1823
Type Text; Excuse letter
Language Latin
Coverage Free Royal City of Sombor, October 1823
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Infrascriptus erga Relationem Dominos Senatoris Mathia Jozits et vice notarii Davidis Konyovits isthic readvolutam et mecum ex Deterimnatione Magistratuali sub dato 10a Martii a.c. no prot. 188 interventa fine dandam reflexionum et opinionis, quoad Judicem Communitatis gremialis Judaica eligendum mecum comunicatam demisse famulor: cum articulis 38 anni 1790/1791 conditionem Judaos definiendam , ad aliud di…. Tempus relegaverit et interea in statu quo easdem permanere jusserit, hac in passu editas successive altissimas dispositiones innumeris vicibus ab Archivario gremiali petitas hucdum obtinere, et ideo, congruam reflexiones ac opinionem prestare nequeo. Sigilatum Zombor die 10 8bris 1823.

Joannes Ambrozovits
Fiscalis Magistratualis

Fiscalatus officium insinuat se ad no prot. 188 a.c. in merito eligendi Judicis Judaici, ex ratione intus dicta reflexiones suas et opinionem prestare non posse.

I, the undersigned, in connection with the report of Senator MathiaJozitsand Vice-Senator David Konjović, and on the basis of when the Magistrate decided on March 10 of the current year under protocol number 188 to express my opinion and view on the election of a judge for the Jewish community . On this occasion, on the basis of Articles 38 from the year 1790/91, which regulate the status of Jews, and others that time bequeathed, and which require them to keep the status in which they are, all these other documents and the highest decrees that have been issued in the meantime I am from the city archives, but I have not received them yet, and therefore I am not able to express a complete and reliable opinion. Certified in Sombor, on October 8, 1823.

Joannes Ambrozovits, fiscal authorized by the Magistrate

The Fiscal Office states that it is not able to give its opinion on the topic of Protocol 188 of the current year, which concerns the election of a judge within the Jewish community.