A humble request by Salaman Weiss to the Magistrate of the Free Royal City of Sombor

Identifier D_0057:993/1806
Title A humble request by Salaman Weiss to the Magistrate of the Free Royal City of Sombor
Subject Salaman Weiss, Request, Jewish Inn, Foreign Jews, The Magistrate of the Free Royal City of Sombor,
Description The humble request of Salamon Weiss, an owner of the Jewish inn, against the customs of intrigue carried out by members of the Jewish community who disrupts his earnings
Creator Salaman Weiss
Publisher Historical archive Sombor
Contributor Salaman Weiss, The Magistrate of the Free Royal City of Sombor
Date October 18th, 1806
Type Text; Request
Language Latin
Coverage Free Royal City of Sombor, October 1806
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Amplissime Magistratus Domini singulariter Colendissimi!

Constabit Amplissimo Magistratui procul dubio, quantumnam beneficium diversorii judaici seu Tracter quoad annuam arendam adauxerim, ut adeo, quod beneficium cassa antea nihil intulerat, modo jam 127 florenos quotannis prostet, imo succesu temporis plus ad huc prostaret; interim displicuit hoc comunitati judaico gremiali; et ideo Machinationes ad tollendum hocce Civitatis beneficium agere coperant, quas ut eo facilius effectui mancipare possint, extraneos ad gremium civitatis venientes Judaos, et secus apud me condescendere solitos sub velo hospitalitatis ad se recipient, eosdemque victu et hospitio excipiunt, seque in oculto solui faciunt idque ideo, ut tale modalitate, dum proventum meum diminuant ipsum Civitatis bebeficium devatuetur aut penitus cesset.
Cum autem similes gremialis Judaico communitatis Machinationes Civitati et ejusdem cassa maltum noxia essent, fraus vero hoc ipsorum vel exinde eluceperet, quod iidem esculeta et in specie vinum ultra necessitate domesticam coemant imo etiam per mediam urnam et quadrantem distrahant.
Ex eo Amplissimo Magistratui humillime supplico quatenus ad provertendum tam cassa Civitatis, quam etiam meam damnum eas dispositiones elargiri dignaret….. ne Judai gremiales extraneos sub pretext hospitalitatis recipient, et eosdem hospitio et victu erga solutionem provideant, transgressors vero harum disposition num, graviori pena affuire dignaretur perseverando.

Amplissimi Magistratus
Zomborini die 17a 8bris 1806.
Humilimus servus
Salamon Weiss
Judeus gremialis

Ad Amplissimum Magistratum Libere Regieque Civitatis Zomboriensis Dominos Singulariter Colendissimos

Humillima instantia Salamonis Veis Judai gremialis in morito sollendorum per gremiales Judaos practicari solitorum excissuum supplicantis
Exalted Magistrate and esteemed gentlemen!

The Supreme Magistrate will no doubt agree on the benefits of the inn I rented in the Jewish community, and kept by paying rent, and that the income that did not exist before increased to 127 florins a year, and over time it continued to grow. However, the members of the Jewish community did not like that, and therefore they use intrigues that harm the raising of the income of this city, and which enable them to get rich easier. Under the guise of hospitality, foreign Jews who are come to the city community, instead of coming to me as usual, they take to themselves for an apartment and food. They usually do that in secret, in such a way as to diminish my earnings, and they also disturb or completely destroy the welfare of the city itself.
Since similar intrigues of the members of the Jewish community are very harmful for the city and its coffers, and their mentioned cunning came to light because they were buying food through the needs of households, especially wine that they sell in urns in half and a quarter.
Therefore, I humbly ask the Supreme Magistrate and I insist that, in order to avoid harm, both the city treasury and mine, honor the publication of these provisions that members of the Jewish community do not receive foreign Jews under the guise of hospitality, and not provide them accommodation and food, and to impose a heavier punishment for criminals.

A humble servant of the sublime Sombor Magistrate,
On October 18th, 1806.
Salamon Weiss
A member of the Jewish community

To the Exalted Magistrate of the free royal city of Sombor, dear gentleman

The humble request of Salamon Weiss, a member of the Jewish community, against the customs of intrigue carried out by members of the Jewish community