A request by Philippus Hajduska to the City Government of Sombor for premission to sell his house

Identifier D_0047:437/1809
Title A request by Philippus Hajduska to the City Government of Sombor for premission to sell his house
Subject Philippus Hajduska, Magistrate, Sombor
Description Philippus Hajduska request from the Magistrate to be allowed to sell his house and settle elsewhere since he lived in the community for 17 years.
Creator Philippus Hajduska
Publisher Historical archive Sombor
Contributor Philippus Hajduska
Date June 16, 1809
Type Text; request
Language Latin
Coverage Free Royal City of Sombor, June 1809
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Amplissime Magistratus domini singulariter Colendissimi!

Siquidem a septemdecim annis hocce in gremio degisem, honesteque ac pacifice me semper gessisem et publica onera contino exacte suportassem, modo vero cum domum meam vendiderim, sedem alibi figere velim. Et ideo Amplissimum Magistratum summis presumpsi exorare precibus quatenus super progesta tranquilla vita mea et honesties moribus litteras testimoniales resolvere unaque sub authentic mihi gratiose extradare haud dedignetur. Qui in reliquo dum dimisissime exorarem, omni cum cultu et veneratione persevere. Sigilatum Zombor die 16 junii 1809.

Amplissimi Magistratus
Philippus Hajduska Judaus et inhabitator gremialis

Ad Amplissimum Libere Regieque Civitatis Zombor Magistratus Dominos singulariter colendissimos

Humilima instantia Philippi Hajduska Judai et inhabitatoris gremialis alibi sedem suam ponentis super tranquilla vita et honesties moribus Litteras Testimoniales sibi gratiose resolvere et extradare humillime suplicationis

Exalted Magistrate and much respected gentlemen!

Since I have lived in this community for 17 years, I have always been honest and calm, and paid public duties regularly and in full, and now that I have sold my house, I would like to settle elsewhere. And so I thought that the exalted Magistrate would not refuse the last requests, that in order to continue my peaceful life in good customs, he would generously issue me written testimonies-discharges under a unique and credible form. In making this request, I remain steadfast in all respect and appreciation. Certified in Sombor on June 16, 1809.

Philippus Hajduska, a Jew and a resident of the community of the exalted Magistrate

To the Exalted Magistrate of the free royal city of Sombor, esteemed gentleman.

The humble request of Philippus Hajduska, a Jew and a resident of the community who is changing his residence, to be generously issued a certificate of discharge for a peaceful life and as good customs dictate