A request for return of stolen goods

Identifier D_0040:387/1806
Title A request for return of stolen goods
Subject Moses Bozlan (Boxan), Magistrate of the Free Royal City of Sombor, Thief, Bras, Camisole
Description A request by Moses Bozlan (Boxan) for return of stolen goods (bras/camisoles), that were taken away by a thief during recent fair. Bozlan was told that he can't receive his goods back unless he can prove his ownership. He claims that he has a witness willing to confirm this.
Creator Moses Bozlan (Boxan)
Publisher Historical archive Sombor
Contributor Moses Bozlan (Boxan), Magistrate of the Free Royal City of Sombor
Date May 22nd, 1806
Type Text; Request
Language Latin
Coverage Free Royal City of Sombor, May 1806
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Amplissime Magistratus Domini gratiosissimi colendissimi

Die 19a mensis hujus in nundinis hujatibus per certum Furem ex Fornice mea quodam strofia abalienata exstiterant Quod quidem ego non, sed in vicinia existens Judei Bezdaniensis uxor observavit, mihi que cum retuliset furem illico insecutus sum, qui quidem strofia mihi sponte restituerat, ast ego cum una cum strofiis ad dominos comissionatos et in Domo vulgo Czedula haz dicto existentes senataros deduxi, ubi idem fur exauditus et punitus quidem est, ego vero strofia mea repetens id responsi obtinui, ut illa non iusi deposito corporali juramento meo esse conprobavero, recuperabo, tandem illa mihi penitus denegata sunt. Quare Amplissimo Magistratui humillime suplicandum habeo, ut strofia illa, qua mea esse et Judai Bezdaniensis uxor juramento quoque confirmare parata est, et spontanea furis restitutio, et vel illud maxima Quod ego furem nisi strofia mea fuissent ad judicium ducere nec ausus, nec intentus fuissem, vel eo magis etiam gratiose dignetur, ut in future quoque in simillibus casibus furibus non tantum res ab alienata adimantur, verum pro corigendis malis moribus ad judicium quoque statuantur. Qui gratiis et favoribus commendatus plena cum veneratione permaneo.

Amplissimi Magistratus
Humillimus Servus Mojzes Bozlan, Judaus Galoviensis
Bozlan Moyzes Judaus certa strophia sua sub recentibus nundinis furto sublata, et aquita restitui petit.

Ad Amplissimum Magistratum Liberae Regieque Civitatis Zomboriensis Dominos gratiosissimos colendissimos

Humillima instantia
Introserti suplicantes Mojsis Bozlan Judai Gahoviensis
Exalted Magistrate and esteemed gentlemen!

On the 19th day of this month, during the fair, a certain thief stole some bras from my shop. I did not see it personally, but the wife of a Jew from Bezdan who was nearby saw it. When she told me that, I immediately went after the thief and he voluntarily returned the stolen goods to me, and then I took him, together with the stolen things, to a building popularly called Czedula and reported the case to the competent senators. There, the thief was interrogated and punished, and I was told that I could not get the stolen bras back unless I could swear and prove that they were mine, and that they would be returned to me only under that condition. Therefore, I humbly ask the exalted Magistrate to return the mentioned goods to me, since the above-mentioned wife of a Jew from Bezdan is ready to confirm under oath that she was a witness to the theft and the fact that the thief returned my bras of his own free will. If those goods did not belong to me, I would not even dare to bring them to the senators in person. I would also ask, in order for bad customs to be further improved, that in the future, in similar situations, stolen items will not only be alienated, but also that a dispute will be conducted immediately, where it would be determined to whom they belong. Full of respect and respect, always at your service,

To the Exalted Magistrate
The humble servant of Moses Bozlan, a Jew from Galovia

Moses Bozlan, a Jew, demands that certain bras stolen from him during the recent fair be returned to him

To the Exalted Magistrate of the Free Royal City of Sombor, esteemed gentleman
The humble request of Moses Bozlan, a Jew from Galovia