A request by Abraham Hajduska to the Magistrate of the Free Royal City of Sombor

Identifier D_0030:18/1810
Title A request by Abraham Hajduska to the Magistrate of the Free Royal City of Sombor
Subject Abraham Hajduska, Philip Hajduska, Jacob Stein, Simon Hajduska, The Magistrate of the Free Royal City of Sombor, Request, Trade
Description A request by Abraham Hajduska to the Magistrate of the Free Royal City of Sombor, asking to receive the right of trade, previously owned by his father Philip Hajduska, who was a member of Jewish community and Traders Association.
Creator Abraham Hajduska
Publisher Historical archive Sombor
Contributor Abraham Hajduska, Sombor Senate, The Magistrate of the Free Royal City of Sombor
Date January 18th, 1810
Type Text; Request
Language Latin
Coverage Free Royal City of Sombor, January 1810
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Amplissime Magistratus
Domini Singulariter Collendissimi!

Post Interventum Patris Mei Philippi condam Hajduska Judai atque mercatoris gremialis obitum exercitum quastus et mercatura ejus relictam viduam ac respectivam matrem meam concerneret, si sub nomine defuncti mariti sui perscribisset, et sub sponsalibus cum Judeo gremiali Jacobo Stein constitueretur prementionatam quidem jus hereditarium esse dicere non ausint reflexio Nihilominus Parentis mei de peculio hocce Regio satis benemeriti, et quod filius ipsius uxoratus et honestis moribus paditus essem Amplissimum Magistratum demisse interpelandum habeo, quatenus mihi Patris mei jus exercenda mercatura tanto a fortiori Gratiose conffere dignaretur, siquidem natu minor frater meus Simon Hajduska esto in ipssismo hocce puncto recurrerit, et orate me sequeretur et modo solum nuptius Contraheret, neque hic loci fixam sedem habitationalem sed Zenta tenere intentionaretur ulteriorum Sub eum, et tres proles quarum pater sum earumque Intertentione quam usque Non aliter quam quia alias artes non didici mercantiales quorum prostare possum teneat. Qui in reliquo omni cum veneratione persisto Zombor die 18a Xbris 1809.

Amplissimi Magistratus
Humillimus servus
Abrahamus Hajduska
Judaus Gremialis.

Determinatum est
Cum mercatoribus Gremialibus nec non respectiva matre vidua hinc dandi response, et declaratum comunicari. In senatu Zombor die 20 Xbris 1809. Celebrato.
Per Emericum …………………… Civitatis vice notarius

Ad Amplissimum Magistratum Libere et Regie Civitatis Zombor Dominis singulariter Collendissimis

18. Jan. 1810.
Abrahamus Hajduska Patris sui Philippi Condam Hajduska Judai et mercatoris gremialis jus exercenda mercatura sibi gratiose conferri humillime supplicat.
Exalted City Magistrate, dear gentlemen!

Due to efforts my father, the late Philip Hajduska, a member of the Jewish community and trade association, the right to trade was transferred to his widow and my esteemed mother after his death, to enjoy it on behalf of the deceased. Since my aforementioned mother is now engaged to Jacob Stein, and the two of them are not able to transfer the said inheritance without the approval of the Magistrate, and my father has no doubt indebted this Kingdom with his work and acquired property, and I am married and living a virtuous life, therefore I earnestly ask the exalted Magistrate to generously grant me the right to engage in trade. If my younger brother Simon Hajduska asks for the same right, he can follow me in it after he gets married. Simon Hajduska does not have a permanent place of residence here, but intends to live in Senta, and I am the father of three children who I am not able to support other than by trade in which I am trained. With great respect in every sense, in Sombor, on December 18, 1809.

A humble servant of the exalted Magistrate, Abraham Hajduska, a member of the Jewish community

It was decided to consult with the members of the Association of Traders as well as with the respected widowed mother and then to give an answer and make it public. In the Sombor Senate, on December 20, 1809.
Emeric (surname illegible), city deputy notary

To the respected Magistrate of the free royal city of Sombor, esteemed gentlemen
January 18, 1810
Abraham Hajduska humbly begs to be generously granted with the right to engage in trade, which was previously held by his late father Philip Hajduska, a member of the Jewish community and the Association of Traders.

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