A request for permission to buy house by Isaac Oesterreicher

Identifier D_0029:175/1807
Title A request for permission to buy house by Isaac Oesterreicher
Subject Isaac Oesterreicher, The Magistrate of the Free Royal City of Sombor, Request, Buying of a house
Description A request by Isaac Oesterreicher for permission to buy a house, according to the law on property. Oesterreicher claims that this is second such request and implores for a positive resolution.
Creator Isaac Oesterreicher
Publisher Historical archive Sombor
Contributor Isaac Oesterreicher, The Magistrate of the Free Royal City of Sombor
Date February 20th, 1807
Type Text; Request
Language Latin
Coverage Free Royal City of Sombor, February 1807
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Amplissime Magistratus Domini Singulariter Colendissimi

Pro licentia Domum mihi in gremio pro hujus ac Regie Civitatis jure perennali, et proprietario comparandi anno recentissime evoluto recurri quidem humillime, assquia eorum venissa supplicationi mea delatum non sit, haud cecidi animo ita, ut eandem supplicationem reiterare verear quin imo in gratiosa aquanimitate A. Magistratus ultro confisus, plicium Meum humillime renovo, ut jure perennali proprietario in gremis hocce Domum aquirendi facultatem gratiose mihi impertiri exoro! humillimum hocce petitum plurimum fulcire videtur: quod expeculiari A. Magistratus gratia ex Regio Camerali Possessione …………….. inmigrationem in gremium Civitatis hujus consecutus sum, hac gratia equidem mihi magna sit, et hanc studui omni conatu promereri; dum ad exigentiam obligationis mea eaquo partium mearum fuerant, omni tempore alacriter, et promptissime expleveram, Id proh-dolor intra evolutionem 8. Annorum, quantas miserias in querendis, et posesis quarteriis habuerim, evidenter docet id, quod intuitu dificultatum diversarum quoad quartenia habitarum ipsi Amplissimo Magistratui reiteratis vicibus molestus esse debuerim actu vero talia vix, vel ne vix quidem aquinibilia sunt accedit, et id, quod occasione translationis in rebus meis mobilibus semper notabiles iterationes pati cogar neque finis alter sit desiderii mei propriam domum habendi, quam ut quietam habitationem obtineam et a damnis preseverar, nam ego quaestum nullum exerceo, nec unquam exercere intendo, igitur nulli prejudico pacificam vitam ducendo, ut notabilem summam pecunianiam in gremio Civitatis hujus consumendo tandem cum A. Magistratus gratiam hanc visa petititi aequitate alius hactenus largiri dignabatur, humillime, et ego quod recurro, ut ductu provisorum motivorum mihi quod eadem gratiam inpartiri digentur, qui in reliquo patrocinientibus gratiis consecratus jugi cum venerationis cultu emorior. Zomborini Die 20a Februarii 1807.

Amplissimi Magistratus
Humillimus Servus Isaacus Eszterreicher Judaus et inhabitator gremialis

Ad Amplissimum Libere Regieque Civitatis Zombor Magistratum, Dominos Singulariter Colendissimos

Humilima Instantia
Isaaci Ezsterreicher Judai, et Iuhabitationis gremialis jure perennali, et proprietario Domus emptionem in gremio Civitatis hujus sibi admitti supplicantis.
Exalted Magistrate and esteemed gentlemen

Already during last year I begged for permission to establish my home in this community in accordance with the permanently applicable law of this royal city on property, and although my request has not yet been granted, I have not lost heart, and therefore do not hesitate to rely on justice of the exalted Magistrate, I humbly send the same request again, to acquire a home according to the permanently valid law on property in this community, and that my request be graciously granted! This request makes all the more sense because I have already received permission from the Royal Chamber to move here and this privilege is very important to me, and I tried my best to deserve it - I performed all my duties as soon as possible and in all ways diligently. Unfortunately, I have struggled a lot in the last eight years, roamed among rented apartments, endured various misfortunes, so it is quite clear why I am forced to bother the exalted Magistrate again with my request, since I had to relocate all my things on many occasions, and I have a great desire to have a real home, so that I can live peacefully and not suffer damage and misfortune. I have no other requests, nor will I have them in the future, and I have no other aspirations except to live peacefully and spend and invest a significant amount of money within the community of this city, so I humbly hope that the Magistrate will take all this into account and honor my request for all the above reasons. Obliged by the tradition of his fathers and deeply pious, in Sombor, on February 20, 1807

A humble servant Isaac Oesterreicher (Isaacus Eszterreicher), a Jew and a member of the Jewish community

To the Exalted Magistrate of the Free Royal City of Sombor, esteemed gentleman

The humble request of Isaac Oesterreicher, a Jew and a member of the Jewish community who begs to be allowed to buy a house in this city community under the permanently applicable property law