An order requesting compliance with previous orders regarding school inspections

Identifier D_0023:102/1791
Title An order requesting compliance with previous orders regarding school inspections
Subject School inspections, Jewish schools, Schools, The Magistrate of the Free Royal City of Sombor, Council of Lieutenancy of the Kingdom of Hungary
Description An order requesting compliance with previous orders, stating that school inspectors must not be hindered in their duties. The order is valid for Jewish schools as well, and it is further requested that they should be kept and preserved, while those that are in the state of disrepair should be renewed.
Creator Josephus Czaky, Franciscus Kuleg
Publisher Historical archive Sombor
Contributor Josephus Czaky, Franciscus Kuleg, Council of Lieutenancy of the Kingdom of Hungary, The Magistrate of the Free Royal City of Sombor
Date February 22nd, 1791
Type Text; Order
Language Latin
Coverage Free Royal City of Sombor, February 1791
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Prudentes ac Circumspecti, Nobis honorandi!

Dignabatur sua Majestas Sacratissima denuo benigne demandare; ut publicatae in Negotio Vernacularum seu Nationalium Scholarum sub 20. Aprilis anni praeteriti N. 13027 et 24. septembris 23155 altissime ordinationes, aliaeque in nexu earundem emanatae, modificationisque solum aliquas, nullatenus autem praeexistentium Normalium Scholarum sublationem praecipientes, ad amussim observentur, concernentesque Regii harum Scholarum Inspectores in explendis Officii sui Partibus nullatenus turbentur; ita etiam Scholae Judaicae in culturam hujus gentis 1783. et subsequis annis erectae porro etiam conserventur et que interdicerunt, pristino cursui actutum restituantur.
Quod ipsum Civico huic Magistratui, pro Directione, exacta observantia, procurandoque desiderato Effectu Consilio hocce Reum de benigno Jussu Regio intimandum habet. Datum ex Consilo Regio Locumtenentiali Hungarico Posonii, die vigesima secunda Februari Anno milesimo septingentesimo nonagesimo primo celebrato.

Comes Josephus Czaky
Franciscus Kuleg
Wise and esteemed, who we highly respect!

His holiest Majesty has once again benevolently ordered that the highest decrees concerning domestic and public schools, published on April 20 last year under No. 13027 and the decree of September 24 under No. 23155 issued jointly, are to be followed very precisely, without regard to previously existing regulations on schools. These ordinances concern the prohibition that the school inspectors of this kingdom shall not in any way be hindered in the performance of their duties; they also refer to the Jewish schools which serve for the education of this people and which were erected in 1783 and the following years, and it is ordered that they be further kept and preserved, and that those which have been demolished be rebuilt. According to the well-intentioned royal order, this Council orders the city Magistrate to fulfill the above-mentioned and demands that he fully respect these decrees. Issued by the Council of Lieutenancy of the Kingdom of Hungary in Pressburg on February 22, 1791.

Their well-meaning
Comes Josephus Czaky
Franciscus Kuleg