A notification regarding the conscription in Sombor

Identifier D_0012:7/1861
Title A notification regarding the conscription in Sombor
Subject Conscription, Magistrate of the Free Royal City of Sombor, 23. Ergänzengsbezirkscommando (recruiting district command)
Description A notification sent by 23. Ergänzengsbezirkscommando (recruiting district command) notifying the Magistrate that the recruits could be brought in every Saturday. It is also stated that the recruiting commision should be notified two days in advance.
Creator 23. Ergänzengsbezirkscommando (recruiting district command)
Publisher Historical archive Sombor
Contributor 23. Ergänzengsbezirkscommando (recruiting district command), Zivan Vidic, Magistrate of the Free Royal City of Sombor
Date January 14th 1861
Type Text; Recruitment notification
Language German, Serbian
Coverage Free Royal City of Sombor, December 1860 / January 1861
Rights This material has been digitized to expand access while protecting the materials from degradation through physical handling. Access to the digitized material will be granted to all interested parties. The physical copy of the document is available at the Historical Archive Sombor. In the case of citation or use, please state the origin of the material (Istorijski arhiv Sombor / Historical Archives Sombor).

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Der stiraldi 23. Ergänzengsbezirkscommando

An den löblichen Stadt Magistrat Hier

Dem löblichen Magistraten wird diensthätlichtt mitgetheilt das jeden Samstag 10 dhr. dem die zur nachstellung bestimmten Militarpflichtigen der Gentcomision vorgefuhrt werden können.

Dem aber die Assentcommision rechtzeitig hieran versändigen zu können, ersucht man selbes 2 Tage früher anher mittheilen zu wollen.

Zombor am 31. December 1860.

Znanja i ravnanja radi zapisuje se i ima se ostalim aktama priključiti.

Vidić Živan

14/1 1861.

Command of the 23rd recruiting district

To the praiseworthy local Magistrate

We are notifying the laudable Magistrate that the arrival of conscripts before the recruiting commission can be organized every Saturday at 10 a. m.

However, in order for the recruiting commission to gather in a timely manner, it is necessary to send a notice two days in advance.

Sombor, 31st December 1860

For the sake of knowledge and conduct, it is recorded and has to be attached to other acts.

Vidić Živan

14/1 1861.